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If Seal Is Broken... (Might as Well Laugh)

Karyn Buxman - Nurses WeekEverywhere I look, there is some reminder of the upcoming election. (There's a job I won't be signing up for!) But then it struck me-sometimes, being a nurse is like being President.


6 Tech Gadgets for the Stylish Businesswoman

Fashionable Wearable TechWomen's technology buying habits outpace men, according to Parks Associates. More women are playing video games, buying tablets and smartphones, and having higher purchase intentions than men. Overall, Parks Associates urges manufacturers to give women practical and social reasons to buy, and they'll follow suit.


What Ellen Pao Got Wrong (And Right) About Banning Salary Negotiations

Salary NegotiationsFlirting can benefit women in negotiations, according to a study by UC Berkeley Business Professor Laura Kray.

“Feminine charm,” as Kray calls it, is more about using a woman’s natural personality than making sexual come-ons. And it’s not about playing “the weaker sex.” Powerful women from former U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright to the female executives Kray teaches have admitted to using, and enjoying, flirtation during the negotiation process. The study finds that women’s flirtatious negotiation styles projected confidence, which may account for their increased success.

These findings seem at odds with Reddit CEO Ellen Pao’s announcement last April that the multi-billion-dollar tech-company would institute a company-wide ban on all salary negotiations. Pao’s reasoning is that men generally come out ahead of women in these negotiations. But if women are capable of negotiating successfully, as Professor Kray demonstrates, the problem may be that more of them don’t negotiate, rather than simply being poor negotiators.


Equality for Women in the Workplace: Will the Problem Ever Be Solved?

Gender EqualityWomen have had to fight for their place in the world. It wasn’t until 1920 that women were even given the right to vote. There have been great historical trials for women, and even though women have gained many rights in the last century and made a place for themselves in a man’s world, women are still fighting for equality and equal opportunity in the workplace.


Stand Out in the Crowd- A Guide for Women in Business

Stand Out From The CrowdBeing a woman in the business world has not always easy.  Years of struggling for equality in the workforce have helped us gain steady ground, though, and today the face of business is a lot of feminine than it ever has been before. 

An impressive 51% of all management and professional positions are now held by women!  As women become more dominant in big business, one challenge is making yourself stand out amongst your lady peers.  What do the most successful women in business do to set themselves apart?  Read on to find out.


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