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Gender Discrimination: China's One-Child Policy

“No society treats its women as well as its men.” That was the conclusion of the United Nation’s Human Development Report in 1997. While the gender gap is wider in some countries than others, it exists everywhere. Unfortunately, the gender gap in China is quite literal as well as societal. Hiding behind the cover of the womb, this inequality may pass unnoticed by many; however, it is an existing problem that requires the...


Getting a divorce? Don't leave debts unpaid


When Cindy and her husband decided to get a divorce, they agreed to split their debts 50/50. After the divorce, Cindy diligently worked at paying off her debts. Her ex husband on the other hand did not. Not only did he fail to pay off any of his half of the debt, but he stopped paying the mortgage on the home they had shared and lost it in foreclosure. He also decided to quit his job and stop paying alimony and child support.



Thoughts out loud: Should Women Still be included in diversity initiatives

Within a mediation there exists a time when brainstorming begins. It is at this time that we encourage the parties to “think out loud” and to say exactly what’s on their minds. The “brainstorming” stage occurs before the negotiations phase of the mediation process, and is essential to creating ownership and to empower parties with respect to the outcome of their case.

In this phase parties are encouraged to give ideas for...


Story of Katharine- The Real Women Trucker

The hottest topic to discuss among women and couples is how to defend themselves and not become a victim. We are living in a country where women are treated equal but then again, the bad eye people are largely spread across and women tend to eliminate the fact that they can never be safe. Women truckers should always be well...


Picket Fences and Shiny Glass Ceilings

When I was younger, the story I wrote for myself and my future was dramatically different than it is today. I would be married by twenty-one, have my first baby by twenty-two, live in a little white house with a picket fence by twenty-three, and be the perfect homemaker.

Slowly, over the years, my goals, vision, and ideology changed. Whether it was the...


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