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Women and Social Media

Social media has become the new revolutionary tool of the 21st century and women are at the top end of this trend, following is an infographic presenting how infront are the women in this new race. This information is vital for entrepreneurs and for business in general, due to the fact that if you play your cards right and have a professional office space and a...


A Woman Turned Truck Driver- Courage Speaks It All

Women are not weak

Trucking is portrayed as an industry of men counterparts. With the toughness dripping along the tires of every truck, women truckers were not so welcomed in the industry. They were underestimated for all they were, for what they can do. And today, they have proved it all. The leadership emerged in early 1920s with Lillie Elizabeth Drennan took the charge. She just did not inspire women across...


Women in business in Dubai, UAE – misconceptions and realities

Dubai business woman

When people think about Dubai they think about luxury, large-scale business projects and great business opportunities. And this is totally correct – this is what Dubai can provide.

However, when thinking of UAE as the place for women for doing business, there is often a misconception that this country is hostile to women in business life. And this is a clear misunderstanding.

There are a number of women on the very...


2014 Women In Business & Industry Out Today!

The 2014 Women In Business & IndustryThe 2014 edition of Women In Business & Industry is live and ready for viewing. Inside we cover Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors; how to recognize gender discrimination in the workplace; women's vs. men's investment strategies; and profile Rosiland Triche, the women behind your favorite entertainment venues; and more. Check it out today!

The Perfect Mold

Almost every movie, show and music video displays an unrealistic portrayal of a man or a women. The topic of women in the media is widely discussed around the world, but men also have unrealistic portrayals. Neither one is more great an issue than the other, both are huge problems for our society. Women are typically underrepresented or over sexualized. Men are represented as violent and tough or as “the perfect guy.” Without...


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