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Six Essential Elements of Successful Sales Letters

Sales LetterI'm about to reveal to you six essential elements of successful sales letter. These are time-tested principles that have been used by master copywriters for many decades. Include these elements in your sales letters and you can dramatically increase your income.


Successful Dot-Com Offers Strategies for Success

Online ShoppingLost amidst billions of dollars in squandered venture capital funding and endless reports from network anchors about the macabre state of e-commerce lies a seemingly overlooked fact: Not all of today's dot-coms use red ink in the accounting ledger.


Advertising Secrets From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

Kirby Vacuum SalesmanI was just sitting here at my computer (as usual) when my husband walked in and announced, “There's a man here to see you". What? I wasn't expecting anyone. “Who is it?" I asked. “Some guy who wants to speak with my wife." OK, my husband was home so I knew I was safe. I ventured outside to see who it was.

I was promptly met on my porch by a smiling face who presented me with a free box of laundry detergent. This seemingly nice young man told me he was in the neighborhood and wanted to give me this free gift. Being the skeptic I am, my first thought was, “Oh yeah… and what kind of sales pitch?"


Business Plan or Proposal: Which Do You Need?

Business PresentationDo you know the difference between a business plan and a business proposal? These are two very different business documents, each serving a distinct purpose. Be sure you're using the correct type of document to get the results you want.


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