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3 Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the corporate ladderIn business, those who typically “get ahead” have three main traits in common: an impressive range of experience, the right educational degree for high-level employment and esteemed professionalism that stands out on a daily basis. Sure, people enjoy stories about nonconformists who drop out of college and manage to start highly successful businesses. But the truth usually involves a few hidden facts, such as the bohemian's well-connected, wealthy family. Unfortunately, for most of us, the key to success lies in pursuing a straightforward track and rising to the top in a more conventional manner.


Scandal:Lessons in Crisis Management

ABC’s new show Scandal highlights a “crisis management” firm that helps people in trouble get out. These gladiators in suits may be lawyers, but they are doing public relations. While you’re PR people may not deal with Russian mobsters or DC madams like the characters in Scandal, they still have the obligation to manage the reputation of your company.

It has been said, “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a...


NACE Issues Position on Employers Requiring Logins/Passwords

NACEBETHLEHEM,PA— Employers should not require or request that job candidates provide password/login information totheir personal social network accounts as a condition of employment or as a condition of consideration for employment, according tothe National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).


Building Solid Foundations

Business FoundationWhen it comes to erecting a building, few people would dispute the importance of establishing a strong foundation. It's no different in building a business, a family or a life.

In 2000, we watched many of the dot-coms become dot-GONES. One of the reasons for this is that these companies were built without solid foundations. It's not only brick and mortar companies that need firm footings.

The emphasis today is on instant gratification. But if we want to build something of value, something that will last, we must build a foundation that will support our vision. 


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