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3 Hidden Ways That Cyberattacks Hurt Businesses

3 Hidden Ways That Cyberattacks Hurt BusinessesWhen you think about the way hackers can create havoc for companies and consumers alike, the now-infamous cyberattack that hit Target during the 2013 holiday season may come to mind. During that attack, hackers stole data from up to 40 million credit and debit card holders, which required the big-box retailer to publicly apologize and spend an inordinate amount of time notifying customers affected by the breach.


Workplace Diversity and Unemployment: What to Consider Before You Quit

Workplace Diversity and Unemployment: What to Consider Before You QuitWhen an employee decides to quit, one question they ask is “Am I still able to get my benefits?” The answer is most likely, yes.


3 Strategies to Secure Your Home Office

3 Strategies to Secure Your Home OfficeAs a female entrepreneur, you've likely invested a small fortune in a cache of technology, specialized tools and furniture to craft a home office where you love to work.

But it could all disappear in an instant at the hands of a greedy burglar. Protect yourself and your business by taking the following measures to secure your home office.


How to Minimize Costs at Your Startup

Women Starting UpRunning a startup means wearing a lot of hats. You're a busy woman, and you have to worry about finances, product, hiring and investors. One of the things you learn about being an entrepreneur is just how much decision making and legwork there is to do before you can even begin to run your business. Finding the right account system, figuring out if you're large enough to need an enterprise resource program and documenting how you onboard new employees are all things that might not be on your to-do list as an executive, yet.

But there's a method to be found in all the madness. There are tools out there to help you run your business efficiently without having to spend an arm and a leg. They'll scale up with you as you grow, bringing in the resources and volume that you need after you get to a certain size. Here are a few of these tools we've found that are working for fellow female entrepreneurs:


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