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Fitness Tips For Women Who Work in an Office

Working Woman FitnessGrownup life is filled with a host of different responsibilities. When you work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, it can be difficult to find time to get everything done that you want and need to get accomplished. Add into the equation any hobbies that you would like to do, errands you have to run, time you have to spend doing day to tasks like sleeping, cooking, etc., and you’re hard pressed for any time to make sure that you’re getting into the gym. 

Thankfully being fit and being a woman working in the business world aren’t things that are mutually exclusive. It is possible to be both. If you’re a working woman who is struggling to find any time to get to the gym, here are things you can be doing right in the office to keep yourself healthy and looking like a lean, mean, working machine:


Wall Street’s Glass Ceiling: Tips For Breaking Through

Day-Trading HousewivesSucceeding in business isn’t simply about running a small company or snagging a big client or retailer. Rather, particularly for women, success has more to do with access to the tools and power of entrepreneurship, and one of the key parts of the access question centers on funds: who has them, how did they get them, and how are they used?


Startup 101- Being A Woman In An Entrepreneurial World

Startup 101- Being A Woman In An Entrepreneurial WorldBeing a woman in the world of business still has its pitfalls. Men are still making more money than women, and sometimes getting more accolades and more serious business than women are. That isn’t reason enough to keep motivated entrepreneurial women from going into business for themselves though.

Here are a few tips for the business-minded woman that is looking to startup their own business. It may not be worth it, and your first venture may even fail, but it’s worth it to spread your wings and be your own boss.


Setting Yourself Up for Success at Work

Setting Yourself Up for Success at WorkFor most of us, our jobs are our livelihoods. And with the unpredictable job market, many feel lucky to even have a job. However, despite that, many people fall victim to the occasional workplace hurdle.

Sometimes the secret to success at work is a little bit of preparation and a lot of common sense. Here are tips on how you can proactively set yourself up for success in the workplace by avoiding any potential obstacles.


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