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How Can Offices Make Themselves More Disability Friendly?

Workplace ADADespite having the best intentions, many offices are forced by circumstantial necessity to exclude employees with disabilities. Sometimes, this is more understandable and unavoidable than others.


4 Ways to Find Work That Makes You Happy

4 Ways to Find Work That Makes You HappyDo you love your job? According to a Gallup poll, there is a 64 percent chance that you don't. In fact, there's a 24 percent chance you actually hate your job. Nearly two thirds of those surveyed have no love for their workplace, but that doesn't mean you have to fall into this category.


How Part-time Entrepreneurs Can Grow Full-time Potential

How Part-time Entrepreneurs Can Grow Full-time PotentialThe "entrepreneurial spirit" is roughly defined as "a gift" of passion, ambition, determination, creativity and leadership that is so intense that it inspires others. Notice, though, that nowhere in this description does it list "full-time" as a defining trait. Though commonly viewed as an all-or-nothing commitment, modern entrepreneurs do not need to quit their day jobs, take excessive risks or sacrifice time with family and friends. Women entrepreneurs, in particular, are discove


Addressing Mental Health Discrimination In The Workplace

Mental Wellness at WorkWe are making great progress in the fight against mental health discrimination. Studies and surveys show that our attitudes towards people with mental health issues are far more progressive and closer to the reality of the matter than they used to be. However, workplaces seem to be lagging behind in this area.


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