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Insights from Female Entrepreneurs

Inisghts from Female EntrepreneursTwo years ago, the BBC hailed “older women entrepreneurs” as “encore entrepreneurs,” often the most successful and promising demographic in a field where failure is 90+ percent.[1] If you’re a woman considering starting a business or building your entrepreneurial brand, it pays (literally) to learn the tough lessons through osmosis. Now that a h


Technology, Tarsier, and Taynah!

Taynah ReisChild Prodigy Brings Big Ideas To The Big Apple!

Let's face it: we're addicts. We can try to deny it, to stuff our phones in our pockets and resist the urge to grab it the second it buzzes, but we all know what's going on here. Our reliance on technology rivals our reliance on people. Some have started to take issue with that, and to question the role of technology in our daily lives.


6 Women Who Have Attained Incredible Success In the Art World

Success in ArtSimilar to many other business sectors, the art world has historically been a male-dominated industry. Women were commonly utilized as objects of focus (a muse), but not partaking in the actual management and creation of art. Fortunately, as the glass ceiling shatters, many women are finding incredibly successful careers in the art world. Included here are a few women who have carved out homes at the top and have no intention of leaving.


3 Women Who Have Been Very Successful In Marketing

Successful Women in BusinessThe business world has long been dominated by males. As appealing as the show “Mad Men” is to many people, it tends to give a skewed impression of women in the workforce. Fortunately, the real world demographic of top paid marketing executives is beginning to change more quickly than the television stereotypes.


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