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"Chief Happiness Officer" Heidi Golledge

Heidi Golledge, "Chief Happiness Officer"As female executives continue to climb the corporate ranks in America—albeit slowly; at press time women CEOs are running a mere 18 of the Fortune 500 companies—a certain “Chief Happiness Officer” has elected to forego the CEO moniker in favor of one that better describes her executive mission.


Women in Business: What Does it Take?

My name is Kristin, I'm a woman CEO

Most people automatically think of men when they picture the business world, especially when it comes to leadership. White men in suits; that is the normal assumption, but honestly I think that women are smart, and I don’t see why women shouldn’t be business leaders. We deal with situations in different ways, but we can also bring a lot to the table.

I am a woman, and a CEO of my own company,


Success By Determination

Bohme.comIn the short five years that Bohme has been open it has found enormous success and learned valuable lessons along the way. This two sister team started small by renting a small seasonal space in a Utah Mall selling stylish yet modest women’s apparel; a trend that quickly picked up in the conservative town.


CompTIA Launches New Advancing Women in IT Community

CompTIAMember-driven forum from leading IT association tasked with advancing career opportunities for women

Downers Grove, Ill., February 29, 2012 – CompTIA, the non-profit trade association for the information technology (IT) industry, today announced the creation of a new member community aimed at expanding IT career opportunities for women.


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