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Dr. Naishu Wang’s Science-Driven Achievements

Dr. Naishu Wang of Scientific DesignsFor Naishu Wang, MD, Ph.D., a proper work-life balance is an essential ingredient for success. So is a limitless reservoir of curiosity, along with a genuine desire to help people. From her time as a doctor in China to her present-day position as the president and CEO of Alfa Scientific Designs Inc., Dr. Wang’s unyielding commitment to quality service (and eventually, quality products) has remained as steady as ever.


We Make Our Own Choices

Sylvana Coche“How do you do it?”

It’s a question I’m asked all the time. With all I have on my plate ---- kids, family, running a big company, business travel….. How do I stay positive?  How do I look so put together?

My answer is simple.  I do it naturally.


Hope, Healing and Heartfelt Compassion: Meet Camille Cassin, Executive Director of the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center

Camille CassinIn the business world, receiving a helping hand can spur success, inspire achievement and create lasting relationships. For Camille Cassin, a helping hand is often the difference between despair and hope. Ms. Cassin, Executive Director of the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, has helped hundreds of San Diego-area women in crisis pregnancies – and the journey to her current role exemplifies Turning Point’s core principles of faith, determination and trust.


How Female Leadership Provided a Spark for TeleDirect

Benefits of female leadership at TeledirectNo company that makes a change in leadership takes the decision lightly. The top-down dynamic has a ripple effect that’s hard to measure, and most management shifts produce mixed results. Not so with TeleDirect, a business process outsourcing (BPO) leader. TeleDirect has many women to key positions in leadership roles, with positive results. We asked TeleDirect what specific aspects of their business changed for the better, and here’s what they had to say:


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