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Crusader Against Cancer

Jacqueline Barrientos, MDAs far back as Ancient Egypt, cancer has frustrated medical practice. Papyri written around 1600 BC describe various cases, with one concluding that “there is no treatment.”

But there’s hope for patients diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)—a cancer that attacks the blood and bone marrow—thanks to Jacqueline Barrientos, MD, who isn’t intimidated by the history surrounding the disease.

She’s too busy helping to rewrite it.


Truckin' From Tennessee

Trucking for womenInterview with Women Trucker- Sharon Lewinson From Tennessee

Trucking has always been portrayed as a male’s world and yet, today, we are proud enough to see women truckers behind the wheels. Some may find it strange, some may not encourage them, and however, they are not going to stop. They are hard, tough people with the same stamina and power of men.


Female Entrepreneur Finds Success Through Diversity

Beatrice Girelli is the co-founder and design director of Los Angeles-based architecture and design firm, Indidesign. As a successful business owner in the hospitality world, Beatrice knows a thing or two about the challenges of creating and maintaining a diverse, design-driven team.With the ability to understand and embrace a multicultural world, both within the marketplace and the workplace, Beatrice has become one of the most...


Profile: T.R. Threston

T.R. Threston, C.E.O of World Guide Publishing

Women are always seeking role models, and, everyone has a different version of who a role should be in the business world, especially women role models.  One woman to watch (and who is setting herself away from the pack) is T.R. "Tina" Threston.

T.R. Threston is the C.E.O. of World Guide Publishing, additionally, she is a...


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