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American Banker Reveals the Top 25 Women in Banking, Finance

American Banker’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance Take A Hammer to the Glass Ceiling

American BankerNew York, NY --- American Banker released this year’s Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance on Tuesday, proving yet again that women are reaching new and impressive heights in the professional industry.


Toni Bissell: Turning a Life-Changing Family Emergency into a Booming Medical ID Jewelry Business

medical id bracelets

Many women are faced with adversity, but not all respond with fierce, unyielding determination. And even fewer are able to use that seemingly insurmountable obstacle as a stepping-stone to success. Meet Toni Bissell, President and Founder of N-Style ID.

While raising two daughters on her own, her family’s lives were transformed when her 10-year old daughter, Camille, was diagnosed with...


A Conversation With Dallas Morning News Columnist Cheryl Hall

Interview with Cheryl Hall

Cheryl Hall who is a columnist for the Dallas Morning News business section. Cheryl has been covering the new for four decades and entered the field when there were very few women in the newsroom. A native of Texas she has lived in Japan, Washington, D.C., Louisiana and has her bachelors of fine arts from Southern Methodist University.

AE: I read your article “Self-centered bosses are wreaking havoc in the...


Laura Fontanot: An eye for design and a global vision

Laura Fontanot

A woman with an eye for design and a successful vision for international business: Laura Fontanot and her family are bringing their Italian staircase designs and innovative products from Italy to the big-time global market

What once began as a small family-run business making artisan staircases over forty years ago in Italy, Fontanot is the staircase designer and...


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