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Mamma Chia Founder Janie Hoffman

Janie Hoffman of Mamma ChiaPersistence, Passion and the Power of Natural Foods

A small yet powerful food. A nascent organic market. Challenging health issues. And 100% passion and belief in eventual business success – put it all together, and you have the inspirational story of Janie Hoffman, founder and CEO of Mamma Chia.


Insights from Female Entrepreneurs

Business WomenFemale Entrepreneurs: Trending Now

If you’re a woman considering starting a business or building your entrepreneurial brand, it pays (literally) to learn the tough lessons through osmosis. Now that a healthy amount of successful female entrepreneurs blazed the trails and are happy to share their wisdom, soak up as many tips as you can to create your own shortcuts.


Lena Papadaki: Ancient Techniques for Unique Ceramics

Lena PapadakiWeeks of meticulous work and a complex technique that only few artists in the world use: this is the basis of Lena Papadaki’s masterpieces. The Greek-born master of ceramics practices the ancient and unique technique of metallic luster to create one-of-a-kind ceramic objects.

Her work, featured on Capolavori, an online portal of Italy’s top craftsmen, has become more than a desired gift, but rather a precious and rare keepsake made in Italy. We sit down with Lena to uncover the source of her passion.


Overcoming Odds and Changing the World, One Purpose-filled Individual at a Time

Nicole RobinsonNicole Robinson used her own personal struggles to help her discover and define her purpose in life, and then she began sharing the process that she went through in order to empower others and help them discover their own passions, skills, and purposes.

Nicole founded Divine Purpose School as an avenue in which she can share the knowledge she’s gained after many years of struggling, searching, learning, and ultimately overcoming challenges and finding incredible success.


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