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Pay It Momward: Chandra Clarke and Her Community Involvement

Chandra Clarke

Chandra Clarke is a homeschooling mother of four and the founder and President of Scribendi.com, an award-winning, ISO-certified editing and proofreading company based in Chatham–Kent, Ontario. The company employs more than 200 people worldwide and does business in more than 60 countries.

Chandra is a three-time Stevie Award nominee for women in business, has made the Profit W100 list (Canada’s ranking of top female entrepreneurs) four years in a row, and is Canada’s top female exporter. Her husband, Terence Johnson, is the company’s Vice-President, and together they run their multimillion-dollar business while raising a family and actively participating in the community.

In addition to her ongoing contributions to Scribendi.com, Chandra is a proud leader within Chatham–Kent. Her position as Chair of the Chatham–Kent Public Library is especially rewarding. Chandra has held the position for three years and is proud to support the library’s mission to make connections between ideas, knowledge, people, and places. Scribendi.com has always promoted literacy and good communication, and since the library prides itself on the same core values, Chandra is a wonderful fit for the Library Board.

Before she became Chair of the Library Board, Chandra was a regular board member. She was instrumental in helping the board set a mission statement and create a strategic plan for development. She also played a key role in getting the library’s first major fundraising efforts off the ground.

As a member of the board, Chandra helps to oversee the library’s budget and financial expenditures and supports the library through advocacy. As Chair, she helps set the agenda for the Library Board and leads its monthly meetings. She also sits on a few committees in an ex-officio capacity.

At the library’s recent SparkIT Fun!raiser, Scribendi.com donated $1,000 to help bring Apple technology to five of Chatham–Kent’s library branches. Not only will this provide community members with state-of-the-art technology, but it will also give them the opportunity to enhance their digital media skills and create presentations and media projects while at the same time providing new opportunities with regard to collaborative works.

Supporting others and bettering the community has always been part of Chandra’s personal mission. Whether creating a company that employs a multinational workforce or homeschooling her children, Chandra has always supported the causes she believes in. This is why she started her blog, NeverPink: to mentor female entrepreneurs and create a community in which to discuss the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs.

Chandra has always had a passion for learning, writing, and educating, and while this is visible through her work in the community, it is perhaps most noticeable on her blog. Writing posts and participating in discussions on NeverPink allows Chandra to provide no-nonsense business advice to others like her, or to those striving to make it as entrepreneurs. Her blog extends far beyond the boundaries of Chatham–Kent, as she can speak to female entrepreneurs across the world through her blog posts. In explaining situations to her followers, it helps clarify things in her own mind, thereby making her a better leader at the office.

Chandra’s other blog, Citizen Science Center: You Can Do Science Too, promotes public involvement in and understanding of the sciences. Her goal with this blog is to provide a comprehensive resource for all things related to citizen science. Chandra’s aim is to convince her readers that they can do science, too. Writing blog posts allows Chandra to express her feelings about citizen science and the critical importance of science literacy in this modern, technological era.

Chandra’s desire to better her community, manage a workplace that fosters a warm yet hardworking environment, and homeschool her four children makes her a prime example of a mom-preneur. Her hard work and motivation have made her a leader within her community, and her continued and growing success, as seen in the number of people she reaches each and every day, is proof of the valuable role she plays at Scribendi.com, in the Chatham–Kent community, and in the global environment.

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