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4 Ways You Can Save on Business Insurance

4 Ways You Can Save on Business InsuranceYour business is something you’ve put your heart and soul into. As a woman in business, this means you should properly protect it, like you would anything else you care deeply about. Insurance is a major cost for businesses, which limits the resources they can spend on expansion, marketing and employee wages. With the right knowledge, you can save on your insurance and still maintain thorough coverage. Here are some tips that will help you spend less on your business’s insurance.


Five Major Tips of How Women Could Handle Their Expenses through Expense Management Software

Five Major Tips of How Women Could Handle Their Expenses through Expense Management Software

Every business big or small should be able to manage their expenses at a great ease. Keeping a precise records of your business cash flow would help you understand how your business has been doing, when would it expand and how independent can it be.

And while this is might not be necessary it is something that should not be ignored. Your business accounts and personal accounts are two different things and they...


Tips for Female Entrepreneurs: How to Fund a New Business

The toughest part of starting any new business is coming up with start-up funds. It does not matter if you are starting a home-based business or opening a retail location, you are still going to need money to get started. One good general rule of thumb is that you want to try to raise as much cash as you can on your own so that you only borrow as much money as you absolutely need. There is nothing wrong with borrowing money to get your...


Tax Deductions for the Home-Based Sole Proprietor

Tax FormsTax time is here again! What do you need to know about tax deductions when doing business as a home-based sole proprietor? You may be thinking, "I'll hire an accountant or go to one of those tax preparation kiosks in the mall," or "I'll just use one of those computerized tax software programs."

Whatever your decision, you are ultimately responsible for knowing what you can and cannot deduct as business expenses. Why? YOU are accountable to the IRS for your deductions, not the tax preparer.

But the most compelling reason: Getting the greatest benefit from your deductions. If you pay someone to do your taxes you still need to know what you can deduct so that you can gather all relevant paperwork!

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