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10 Reasons Why Now is A Great Time to Be A Woman in Business

Wicked Success Is Inside Every WomanTraditionally, women have assumed that they need to be “more like men” to get ahead in business. But the gap is growing smaller all the time. In fact, says Vickie Milazzo, more and more women are receiving and creating big opportunities in business because characteristics that might have been labeled “too feminine for business” in years past are taking center stage in the 21st century business world.


6 Golden Money Rules for Female Entrepreneurs

Women's BusinessWomen own about 10.1 million businesses in the United States and employ one in every seven American workers. As a woman, starting a business can be tough, from many different angles, not the least of which is work-life balance. But the good news is that there are also extra resources out there for female entrepreneurs, intended to encourage the growth of woman-owned businesses.


How To Get Promoted Now

Executive Women"Executive Presence” Is Key to Corporate Advancement

New York, NY: October 23, 2012— When it comes to career success, attractiveness and hard work don't match the influence of "executive presence (EP)", according to a new study from the Center for Talent Innovation. In a survey, 268 senior executives cited executive presence--being perceived as leadership material--as an essential component to getting ahead. In fact, executive presence accounted for, on average, 25% of what it takes to get promoted.


5 Ways to Guarantee Your Retirement

Officially Retired Tiara Crown

For many seniors, retiring is an exciting prospect. However, financing your retirement can be a serious challenge. Although some individuals feel comfortable relying entirely on Social Security benefits in retirement, that may not be enough to fund your lifestyle, or you may not want to trust this option entirely.


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