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Three things young women in business need to know

Young women are our futureA few months ago I commented on Sheryl Sandberg TED talk in a blog post entitled: Three insights into why we lack women leaders. Which continues to make me ponder.

Is there really a glass ceiling or do women sometimes need to get out of their own way – or perhaps a bit of both?


11 Ways to Make Next Year a Positive Change

Bringing in the New YearLooking back, you feel like you did everything right in 2012. You worked long hours. You were at the boss’ beck and call. And yet, everyone around you seemed to get richer and to gain more success, while you stayed stuck in the same old cubicle. It’s time for that to change. Vickie Milazzo explains what you can do to ensure opportunity knocks on your door in 2013.


New Year’s Resolutions for Career Advancement

New Year's ResolutionNEW YORK -- Whether looking to make a career move in 2013 or simply advance in their present company, employees should be making resolutions that extend beyond pledges to spend more time in the gym, according to Ann Fastiggi of the New York-based executive search firm Herbert Mines Associates


10 Reasons Why Now is A Great Time to Be A Woman in Business

Wicked Success Is Inside Every WomanTraditionally, women have assumed that they need to be “more like men” to get ahead in business. But the gap is growing smaller all the time. In fact, says Vickie Milazzo, more and more women are receiving and creating big opportunities in business because characteristics that might have been labeled “too feminine for business” in years past are taking center stage in the 21st century business world.


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