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Growing Up: 4 Steps to Take In Your 20s To Further Your Professional Career

Millennials Find a MentorWith the prolonged adolescence and delayed adulthood of many millennials, experts are beginning to wonder how these young people can ever be employed in successful careers. In many fields, long-term success is dependent on getting started early and working hard throughout your 20s.

Being successful even when you don’t have your whole life figured out yet can help you achieve goals and get you started. Included here are a few steps to take in your 20s that could further your professional career.


7 Ways To Improve Your Professionalism

Professional ImageAt Giant Leap Consulting, we understand the need for professionalism - and in fact, we offer an entire workshop focused on that particular topic, which highlights the following 7 characteristics. These focal points are designed to help you and your company improve professionalism across the board.


Top Tips For Women Working In Digital Marketing

Women in Digital MarketingDigital marketing encompasses a wide array of knowledge.  Women in the digital marketing only account for around thirty five percent of that population.  Unfortunately, it is an industry dominated by men. 

What is most unfortunate is that women generally score higher on testing in the field.  So you’ve pushed through the bias of the industry, and are currently employed in a digital marketing position. 

If you’re looking to better yourself professionally, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick overview of a few tips from women, for women in the wide world of digital marketing. 


4 Tips to Strike the Perfect Work-Life Balance

Career LifeAmericans are working more than ever in 2015, and striking the perfect work-life balance feels more like a pipe dream than a real possibility as employers demand longer hours and increased productivity.


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