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The Four Best Sales Skills You’ll Ever Need

Saleswoman with tabletThere are many sales tool out there that can help you become a better seller, but you are the best tool you have. Sure, the internet and mobile technology can be a great help and get you talking to more people, but if you drop the ball once you have them, then that’s your problem, not technologies.

Yes, you want to have all the latest gadgets and sales tool, but if you don’t have the following things then you may not be getting all the sales you could be.


Maintain Energy & Focus Throughout the Workday

Maintain Energy & Focus Throughout the WorkdayYou start the workday feeling fresh and bright-eyed, though as the day continues, you slowly feel your energy diminish. You feel your motivation, focus, and productivity lessen as you edge into the afternoon.

Rather than reaching for that extra cup of coffee or settling for a Luna bar for lunch, consider these ways to amp up your creativity and productivity.


Best Resources Available For Women in Business

Career Resources for WomenBeing in business regardless of your gender is difficult. It becomes even more difficult when you add on the fact that women have a harder time at becoming successful than men do. The reason isn’t linked to the fact that women are less intelligent, it’s that there is often a high amount of misogyny involved.


The Do's and Don'ts of Fashion Industry Internships

The Do's and Don'ts of Fashion Industry InternshipsDon’t wait until you graduate to get an internship. Even if you’re carrying a full course load, even if you’re not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life, even if you can feel the stress welling up inside of you like a tidal wave every time someone mentions midterms — don’t tell yourself you don’t have time for an internship. Offering your services to companies you want to work with is now as easy as posting a tweet, and you can often set your own hours or help out with events and projects as your schedule allows.

The bottom line is, in a highly competitive job market, you need real-world experience, and in the fashion industry, networking is everything. So here are some tips on how to network your way into an internship worth your while.


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