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In Office Solutions to Make Things Easier on the Working Woman

Work HacksOffice life can be a drag at times. It can also be really great if you love what you’re doing. One thing is certain. Long hours at the office are hard on the body, on the mind, and on the spirit. When you put so much into work, it can be challenging to get what you need outside of work to make it so that you’re able to come back to the office each morning with a renewed vigor and focus for the things that need to be accomplished for that day.

If you’re a working woman and you need some things in office that are going to make things easier for you on the daily, here are some things you might consider getting or doing:


Breaking Gender Stereotypes: How to Empower Women Equality in the Workforce

Compared to men, women have experienced more forms of discrimination in society.  

Inequality between the sexes has existed since the early times. Women were obliged to stay at home, which prevented them from pursuing education and careers. They were also hindered from voicing their opinions, participating in politics, and holding public office.

Fortunately, certain roles are now more gender-friendly in the...


Don't Let Your Intern Wardrobe Ruin Your Shot at the Dream Job

Don't Let Your Intern Wardrobe Ruin Your Shot at the Dream Job  The catch 2The catch 22 of growing up is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You need experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience without a job! Enter the age of the internship. No matter what field you’re passionate about, there’s an opportunity to work (for free) in exchange for invaluable knowledge, expanding your network, and hopefully getting some school credit.


4 Helpful Startup Tips for Young Female Entrepreneurs

Silicon Valley WomenWe’ve reached a very exciting point in history where female entrepreneurship is finally thriving and healthy. While there’s plenty of progress to be made when it comes to equal opportunity, pay equality, and other related issues, it’s possible for young entrepreneurs like yourself to move from an idea to a profitable venture. Let’s take a look at a handful of tips to help you get moving in the right direction.


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