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Tips for Conducting an Entrepreneurial Job Hunt

Interviewing as an EntrepreneurA particularly important differentiator in today’s job market is the ability to portray an entrepreneurial appetite – the intangible element that not only are employers seeking but job hunters today crave. In fact, according to a new survey by financial-services firm Edward Jones seven in 10 Americans crave more entrepreneurial experiences at work.

Demonstrating a sense of entrepreneurialism is difficult to do in an interview, and even more difficult in a resume. To better understand how to portray this intangible element, Edward Jones has created a checklist of items for job seekers to keep in mind:

  • Exude confidence and ability to communicate – From the onset of your communications with an HR professional or hiring manager to the interview itself.
  • Portray not only a commitment to teamwork, but also a sense of ownership with work and particular ideas.
  • Develop a hyper-focused resume that demonstrates that you are a culture fit and one that matches the company’s profile and personality.
  • In your resume and during your interview, highlight entrepreneurial skills that jive well (and are not so obvious) with the position; these include: adaptability, ability to multi-task, motivation, sense of passion and positivity.
  • Don’t treat a resume like a job description – choose active words that portray credibility, responsibility for professional development and commitment to learning.

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