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A Woman’s Guide to Selling Herself

Ruby PolancoFirst, the spicy sounding title of this article is in no way revealing of what it’s actually about -- although it is exactly what it appears to be.  This is a workingwoman’s guide to selling herself in business. 

Self-discovery is fundamental in marketing yourself.  I’m always a huge advocate of self-help books.  They will help you to take inventory and make a list of your assets. 

Polish those assets to perfection and the right people will draw to you.  Always be upfront about what you’re capable of doing and what you’re not.  Don’t ever lie.  Your true skillset will eventually reveal itself and everything can be researched on the Internet.  You can loose that great job you’ve always wanted because of falsifying information. 

Now, let’s talk a little bit about image.  Image is your business card whether it’s YOUR business or if you work for someone else.   You don’t have to sacrifice your individuality but tailor it to the professional environment you want to work in.  Looking through magazines and researching dress code standards on the Internet are a great place to start.

While we’re talking about the Internet, having your own personal website and profiles on social media will gain you access to individuals you may never normally meet in person.  You can market your work, skills and personality through your content then they’re sold on you even before meeting you in person.  Sell yourself using these tools and always communicate your passion with confidence.

Ruby Polanco is the inspirational, knowledgeable, and colorful President of the Ruby Makeup Academy. The school was founded in Arcadia, CA in 2006 and now has locations serving N. Hollywood, the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire, with courses focusing on personal makeup, character makeup, hair design, airbrushing, and special effects makeup. In August 2014, the Ruby Makeup Academy was ranked #403 on the Inc. Magazine Top 500 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.  Ruby is a well-rounded entrepreneur with an artistic approach.

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