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Aon Hosts 3rd Annual Women in Risk Management Celebration

AonRegion’s top business leaders gather for a night of fashion and inspiration

Leading women business leaders from Los Angeles will gather for an evening of fashion, philanthropy and inspiration at Aon’s third annual Women in Risk Management celebration.

Aon’s Women’s International Network is one of several business networking groups established by the company to promote the development of its diverse talent pool. WIN provides a global community for working women seeking mentorship, professional and personal growth, workplace flexibility and visibility. Additionally, WIN seeks to build a bridge from Aon’s vast network to other women’s networks globally to engage highly-skilled women who are our clients, peers, and partners in business.

Visuals include:

  • Fashion show: Highlighting fall fashion and accessory trends from various lines
  • Fashion show host: Fashion and beauty expert Rachel Zalis
  • Make-up stations: Lip and color applications from Bloomingdale’s top cosmetics lines
  • Fashion bars: The latest trends on shoes, dresses, handbags and accessories
  • Me-Ality booth: Size-matching Station helping attendees find the best fitting jean styles
  • Oxygen bar: including two oxygen generators, four oxygen dispensers

A portion of the proceeds from this shopping event benefits USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center breast cancer research

WHERE: Oct. 10, 2013, Bloomingdale’s (315 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica)

WHEN: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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