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It Takes a Village: Changing the Future of Women in Business

Changing the Future of Women in BusinessIn a recent article published on LinkedIn, Melinda Gates called out the corporate world. She highlights the inequalities still facing women and minorities in the workplace, despite the progress that’s been made in the last 70 years.

Anyone who’s held a job probably has a story about it, or can at least recognize the disparity in opportunities available to those who aren’t white males. And while there has been undeniable progress, there’s still a long way to go, especially to provide for the women of tomorrow’s workforce.


Before Hiring a Foreign Job Candidate, Consider This...

Before Hiring a Foreign Job Candidate, Consider ThisHiring employees is a tricky process with a lot of rules and regulations. It's difficult enough to find someone with the right skills and personality to fit into your company, but when you have to deal with the legal aspects of hiring a non-U.S. citizen, it can be downright intimidating. Before you interview and hire a foreign job candidate, be sure to educate yourself on the following process:


3 Hidden Ways That Cyberattacks Hurt Businesses

3 Hidden Ways That Cyberattacks Hurt BusinessesWhen you think about the way hackers can create havoc for companies and consumers alike, the now-infamous cyberattack that hit Target during the 2013 holiday season may come to mind. During that attack, hackers stole data from up to 40 million credit and debit card holders, which required the big-box retailer to publicly apologize and spend an inordinate amount of time notifying customers affected by the breach.


Workplace Diversity and Unemployment: What to Consider Before You Quit

Workplace Diversity and Unemployment: What to Consider Before You QuitWhen an employee decides to quit, one question they ask is “Am I still able to get my benefits?” The answer is most likely, yes.


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